November 30, 2023

Mirrors Edge Catalyst PC Game Full Version Free Download

Mirrors Edge Catalyst PC Game Full Version Free Download

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst PC Game is a first-person action-adventure platform video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Just like in the original Mirror’s Edge, players traverse the city using urban exploration and parkour moves to complete missions and avoid or fight enemies. Players can also use objects from the environment, such as B. zipper strips and equipment; These include the rope and the Manifold Attack Gear (MAG) disruptor to traverse buildings, disable certain systems (e.g. large fans or security cameras), and assist Faith in combat.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst A Faith Follows, a revised letter seen by Liberty and City of Glass. Despite being an elegant and technologically advanced city on the outside, it hides a terrible secret on the inside. Explore every corner, from the beautifully lit rooftops to the dark, spooky tunnels below. The city is huge, it can be spacious and it is in the center of everything. After learning the first-person perspective, he moved fluidly and continued with the town’s residents to subdue the chaos and uncover the conspiracy. The player takes control of Faith Connors as she travels through a futuristic city called Glass.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst PC Game Latest Download

At the same time, K-Sec is heavily blocking the hallways due to Elysium’s Faith’s actions. With Icarus and faith as god, he guarded the halls and captured the Matan with all the gifts. Faith and Icarus, who had not cared about them, were led by Rebecca Thane, the black novice teacher, a militant resistance movement that wanted to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst the Conglomerate through power. The Rebels set up an ambush to capture a high-ranking K-Sec commander, intending to exchange the captured soldiers. The mission is a success and the result is that the person officially captured is Isabel Kruger, daughter and personal guard of Gabriel Kruger.


The relationship between the devastating non-commissioned officers who face their adversaries, Railings, and others. Use your momentum to run straight through KrugerSec, performing a series of light cross attacks, concentrating and maintaining speed. Surprisingly, your opponents dealt a lot of damage to Them to allow him to attack the stage. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will create a surprise with some quick attacks before the match to avoid retaliation or consequences.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst PC Game

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  • Explore every inch of the big city.
  • Use your speed to move quickly in the Glass City as you want and unlock different areas as you play.
  • A call to action. Faith just knows how to make the most of her speed, stamina, and speed, whether she’s effortlessly gliding past enemies or landing heavy blows.
  • Grab a bunch of quick attacks or train your opponent by sliding or running in turn.
    Updates and gadgets.
  • Several realistic toys at Faith’s disposal can help her turn the company’s machines against her.
  • Click (or swing) on city cameras or disruptions to take out enemy systems with a MAG rope.
    Share insights. With Play Social
  • You can edit your profile, check the time trial location, or create your profile to share with your friends.
  • Then install the Beat Location transmitter to complete the ultimate scavenger hunt in the massive city.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst System Requirements:


  • Operating system: 64-bit Windows® 7 (use the latest Service Pack)
  • SVE: i3-3250 Intel / FX-6350 AMD. (Note: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst requires at least 4 logic cores to use.)
  • RAM: 6GB RAM
  • HARD DISK: At least 25 GB of free space
  • VIDEO: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 650 Ti 2GB or better / AMD Radeon TM R9 270x or better / AMD Radeon TM R9 270x or better
  • INPUT: Mouse and keyboard, dual analog controller


  • Operating system: 64-bit Windows® 10 (use the latest Service Pack)
  • SVE: AMD FX-8350, 4.0 GHz / Intel Core i7-3770, 3.4 GHz
  • RAM: 16GB RAM
  • HARD DISK: At least 25 GB of free space
  • VIDEO: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 970 4GB or better / AMD Radeon TM R9 280x 3GB or better / NVIDIA GeForce®
  • GTX 970 4GB or better
  • INPUT: Mouse and keyboard, dual analog controller

How to Install Mirrors Edge Catalyst PC?

  • First, click on the download button below.
  • Now click on the download button for Mirrors Edge Catalyst.
  • The downloading process will start and mainly creates the free installer.
  • Complete the download and install the game.
  • With a reliable Internet connection, all processes are quick and easy.
  • After completing the installation, you will be able to enjoy the Mirrors Edge Catalyst PC game for free.




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