November 30, 2023

Job Simulator PC Game Download Full Version For Free

Job Simulator PC Game Download Full Version For Free

Job Simulator PC Game

Job Simulator Free Download is a virtual reality simulation video game developed and published by Owlchemy Labs. Players take part in simulated jobs in a working museum run by robots that resemble floating CRT computer monitors with faces. The jobs are described as ironic approximations of actual jobs: “car mechanic,” “gourmet chef,” “store clerk,” and “office clerk.” Accompanied by a computer character who provides explanations and instructions, players complete job-related tasks, some realistic and others comical. For example, in the “Worker” simulation, players participate in activities such as evaluating new employees and routing calls but are also asked to eat donuts, exchange photos at the water cooler, and participate in other office activities.

Use your hands to pack, stack, grasp, place, and perform many different operations. Working is not as easy as it seems! If you drink a coffee during your lunch break and take the pizza out of the basket, then it is edible. You can also juggle tomatoes. He works as a mechanic and dismantles cars to get parts. Brew aromatic tea and fire the guilty employees. Just like humans, some people have to work overtime and night shifts. All tasks are very funny and will give you a lot of positive emotions and a lot of funny situations. It is important to find out whether the robber has real “lemons”, how old the children are, how he impersonates adults, and other funny moments.

Job Simulator Full PC Game Torrent

The game was developed for the Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality virtual reality headsets. Find out what “work” is. And all with the clumsy hands of robot cars. At the same time, the simulator offers many options. For example, you can throw a stapler at the boss. Four areas were not automated: mechanics, clerks, cooks, and salespeople. Choose who you want to Job Simulator employee who fulfills all orders or a parasite who prefers to dry his pants and get dirty. Some, just like humans, have to work overtime and night shifts. All tasks are exclusively comic and will give you a lot of positive emotions and a lot of relief situations. To find out if “Limones” is Bandita, how old the children are attached to adults and other funny moments.


This is one of the aspects that the developers put a lot of thought into. Players said that the game developers managed to translate a simple idea into virtual reality. The only downside to this game is that it cannot be played in multiplayer or co-op mode. Players have the option to play Job Simulator in single-player mode only. In this game, players can rotate 360 degrees, which is a really fun experience. Job Simulator is a casual, fast-paced, action game. You decide who you want to be: the exemplary officer who obeys every order and every tune, who prefers to dry his pants and read.

Job Simulator PC Game

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  • “In the PC download game Job Simulator, players have the opportunity to throw big things at their bosses, which is fun. The game illustrates that everyone is given a certain task, and to succeed, everyone must perform their task well.
  • The most rewarding part of the job is physical violence. Customers must leave and collect items as part of their work. It’s always fun to eat exotic food and drink coffee by the railing.
  • Virtual reality technology has come a long way, so the game is well documented. The game is updated regularly, which makes the game even better. If players love juggling, they can show off their skills in real life. Players can change things like tomatoes.
  • Job Simulator game for PC is very realistic and players can perform new tasks in the game like shooting staff and repairing cars which makes life easier. Players can work the way they want and enjoy the game to the fullest.

System Requirements:


  • Processor:- Intel Core i5 (Gen-4590) 3.5 GHz power OR AMD (FX-8350)
  • Operating System:- Windows 7 64 BIT
  • RAM In System:- 4-GB
  • GPU In System:- Nvidia GeForce (GTX-970) 4-GB OR AMD Radeon (R9-290)
  • System Storage:- 1-GB


  • Processor:- Intel Core (i5-GEN-4590) 3.5-GHz Or AMD (FX-8350)
  • Operating System:- 64 Bit Windows 7
  • RAM In System:-  8-Gb
  • GPU In System:- Nvidia GeForce (GTX-970) 4GB or above
  • System Storage:- 2-Gb

How to Install?

  • First, click the below Download Button.
  • Now click on the Download Job Simulator PC Game button.
  • The download process will begin and the free installer authoritatively formulated by
  • Complete the download and install the game.
  • Having a reliable Internet Connection, all processes will be simple and fast.
  • When you complete the installation you can enjoy the Job Simulator For Free.




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